Feb 20 2024

Transición Generacional



It is a complex situation that has been occurring for many years and gradually in many low-income communities in Latin America. Economic difficulties and many other factors incentivize young people to emigrate abroad, mainly to the United States, leaving farms and agricultural ventures without generational renewal. In a few years, they will have to sell land to survive since the owners will be too old to work the land.


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  • Lack of education among the adults now in charge of the farms.
  • Stigmatization of their children becoming low-income farmers.
  • Economic problems, few job and academic opportunities lead families to decide that sending young people abroad is a better option for them to seek a better future.
  • The idea of migration in search of a better future is already normalized in the communities.
  • There is a stagnation in producers, without generational renewal or technological innovation, local products lose value and competitiveness in the global market, and it is not possible to maintain a quality standard that lasts over time.


To maintain the present and future agricultural production and productivity in producer organizations through the awareness process of Generational Transition, while maintaining the quality of products for local and international trade.

To keep the organization as a living organism that renews and sustains over time, maintaining its products in the market and having a perspective of inclusive growth of the generational transition. Through the adoption of innovation programs, entrepreneurship, and implementation of technologies.

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