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The certification adds value to the final product, highlighting a differential quality. It serves as a guarantee of trust for the buyer, ensuring the level of integrity demanded by them, and provides the opportunity to access more demanding markets, enhancing competitiveness.

An independent entity is responsible for verifying that the product has been produced in accordance with specific regulations, thereby establishing a trust link between the producer and the consumer. This process involves both documentary and on-site inspections. Following the issuance of the certificate, the design of labels and the use of logos for product identification are approved.

You can contact us at or at any of our representation offices, we will be happy to provide you with assistance. You can also consult the step by step of the certification process here.

We offer a variety of certifications for agricultural products, covering topics such as organic farming, environment and sustainability, social responsibility, and food safety. For details on each certification, we invite you to check more information at this link.

Experience in understanding and applying relevant organic regulations, undergoing a 3-year transition period without the use of prohibited products to achieve organic status. Alternatively, a 3-year history of previous organic practices is required, supported by documentary records, photographic evidence, a letter of approval from a third-party entity, and additional requirements for verification.

Each product certified by Mayacert for the end consumer features the corresponding seals, accompanied by a legend that provides details about the audited and certified standard.

Yes, you can review the public list of clients or send us an email at, providing the following information of interest: Entity name, product, certified standard, country. Please also include information about your company and the purpose of your contact.

You can request our cost table by sending an email to

We have offices in 10 countries in Latin America and 3 countries in Asia. You can find the contact information for each office at this link.

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