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MAYACERT operates the Small Producers' Symbol code, which is a distinctive that identifies organized small producers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Identify products from small producers in Latin America and the Caribbean committed to quality, community, and the environment.

MAYACERT is an approved certification body for the Small Producers Symbol code, a distinctive emblem that identifies organized small producers from Latin America and the Caribbean. It allows consumers to recognize their products in the market. This symbol represents the high quality of products, the commitment to fostering a dignified life in communities, local economic development, and environmental care.

The graphic image of the Small Producers Symbol represents a strong and open house for all, the balance and union between producers and consumers, between men and women, between nature and dignified life. Its colors represent the vigor of the land, crops, new life, and the heart.

Join us on this path toward a sustainable and equitable future.

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