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4C is a world-leading certification system for the sustainable cultivation and processing of coffee. 4C applies an inclusive approach, allowing producers to achieve real impact on the ground with a process of continuous improvement.

Driving sustainability in coffee production, processing, and trade through a voluntary Code of Conduct. Enhances growers' income, reduces costs, and promotes environmental sustainability.

4C Services GmbH is based on a voluntary Code of Conduct that encompasses basic social, environmental, and economic practices in coffee production, processing, and trade. The 4C Code is designed to initiate a process of continuous improvement aimed at enhancing sustainability. Participants who do not exclude unacceptable practices, as defined in the 4C Association's Code of Conduct, cannot be part of the Association. 4C Services GmbH aims to enhance growers' income and livelihoods through cost reductions, quality improvements, supply chain optimization, better marketing conditions, and improved access to markets and credit. It also promotes environmental sustainability, such as by reducing the use of hazardous agrochemicals and protecting tropical forests. Through third-party independent verification, the entire process is monitored, emphasizing the accountability of participants across the chain.

Join 4C Services GmbH and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous coffee industry.

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