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"Organic farming needed to be promoted and there was no way this would happen, the need to intervene between entities accreditation and producers was a start for Mayacert."

Noé Rivera



We certify large, medium and small producers

We certify the processing and industrialization

We certify agricultural products

About us

It is the leading entity in the multi-certification of agricultural products, process and industrialization systems. Its operators are located in different countries of America and Asia. MAYACERT has been promoting voluntary certification services for small, medium and large agricultural producers, processors and food exporters for 25 years.


Ensure that our clients comply with the regulations and codes that guarantee the integrity and safety of the chain of production, transformation and commercialization of agricultural products, through an ethical certification service that has national and international recognition, provided with efficiency, impartiality, confidentiality and at a fair price.


Make Mayacert the leading company in Certification of Agricultural Products under different regulations and codes at the Latin American level, nationally and internationally accredited, with a wide coverage and competitive services, that adapts to the changing needs of the market and that achieves its profitability through excellence in its service and with an ethical, capable and proactive work team.


The organic movement in Latin America began in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In Guatemala, organic production techniques were promoted and made visible by non-governmental organizations, among which the work of the ALTERTEC entity stood out, present in the country from 1987 to 2000, which worked with various organizations of local producers. such as: ASOBAGRI, APECAFORM, GUAYAB's, ASOCIACIÓN CHAJULENSE. The initial organic production was oriented towards the exportation of the products to Europe and the United States mainly. Many Latin American producer organizations, individual farms, processing and trading companies started in organic production, creating certification needs to achieve international trade in their products. Mayacert entered as a response to these needs and, under the support of ALTERTEC, began in 1992 the development of its organic certification program, led by Agronomist Noé Rivera Flores. In 1995 Mayacert conducted the first organic inspection and standards course in Guatemala, which was endorsed by the US Inspectors Association, based on the standards of Europe, the US and Japan; As a result, the first inspectors for farms and processing plants in Guatemala were trained. Mayacert was officially established in August 1997 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. In 1999 it achieved its first accreditation of ISO 65 (Equivalence to the European Standard EN 45011) in the EEC regulation 2092/91 by the entity Verein Zur Begutachtung von Prufstulleg of the Republic of Germany. Mayacert began working in Guatemala with expansion plans to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America; certifying organic production operations, with products such as vegetables, coffee, cardamom and honey, and recognizing in each operation the importance of natural ecosystems, the conservation of resources and the cultural values of the Mayan ethnic groups. Currently, Mayacert's headquarters are located in Guatemala, although it has local coverage and certifications in: Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru, and continues its expansion, opening in 2019 its first office within the Asian continent, in Sri Lanka . Mayacert is accredited by DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (German Accreditation Body) bodies in compliance with the European organic labeling regulations and ISO 17065, National Organic Program / United States Department of Agriculture (NOP / USDA). Among other local and international certifications, such as: Organic JAS, Organic Biosuisse, Organic Kraw, Alimento Ecológico Colombia, Organic SAGARPA MEXICO, Organic SENASA Peru, Organic MAFRA audits of Korea (Alliance with Doalnara Certified Organic Korea, LLC), Evaluation of organic inputs with compatibility with organic standards, Utz Certified, CAS (4C), Habitat Bird Friendly, FairTSA, Global SPP, Global Compact, HACCP, BPM, BPA, BPP, Global GAP Audits and GRASP (Alliance with Agricert).
Noé Rivera

"Mayacert is a company that understands the importance of the base of the productivity chain, the producers, and that without them everything that has been done and how far we have come would not have been possible."


Regional Manager


Raúl Rivera

"Mayacert Mexico has been characterized by prioritizing the needs of producers, we have managed to cover the country with certified operations and attended with the best quality from the south of Mexico to the north of the country. Our work focuses on immediate attention to the needs of producers and guidance throughout the certification process, we have a highly qualified team willing to attend to operations that collaborate with Mayacert."


Regional Manager


César Portillo

"When we think about certification and the business opportunity that it can provide, it becomes easier when you have a company like Mayacert that understands your reality and is there to support you. We are a group of professionals who seek excellence, working at your service responsibly and efficiently, with values and impartiality. We are innovative highlighting the importance of our Clients within the certification system. Thank you for being part of the Mayacert family."


Administrative Manager / Certifier Mayacert S.A.

Operations Manager Honduras and Nicaragua